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Due to the blog editor traveling to the World Kabbalah Convention in Israel the update of the blog will pause from today until the 28th of February 2018.

The original blog is obviously constantly available.

The State Of Israel—The Place For Revelation Of The Creator

Laitman_417From the writings of Baal HaSulam it is apparent what tremendous meaning he gave to the State of Israel, the people of Israel, and its land being united. In this union lies a very powerful spiritual charge. That is why it should not be permitted to separate the people of Israel from the State of Israel, from the land of Israel, or from our international, global Kabbalistic group, which represents all people and nationalities.
How is it that the entire world relates to the State of Israel? All acknowledge that the land of Israel is unique since it is considered holy by all three main religions. But why is the State of Israel, which just turned 70 years old, so important?
For Baal HaSulam, the concept of the state of Israel was holy, he even had a Shabbat knife with the inscription “State of Israel.” In returning to this land and to Zionism, he saw another very important step toward the revelation of the Creator.
It is because a place appeared where real unity and brotherly love “as one man with one heart” could be established. Initially, it applies to the people of Israel, who must realize this unity first in order to serve as an example for the entire world.
The world demands this from us without realizing it. This is the sole reason for the existence of anti-Semitism, which doesn’t disappear from history’s stage as time passes, but instead strengthens and becomes sharper. The success of the people of Israel and its existence in the land of Israel depends on this understanding. Without it, there is no place for us here.
From a “Talk During the Meal” 2/2/18

Complain To The One Who Created Us

laitman_272The world is beginning to feel that it has reached a dead end. It turns out that there is no democracy, no liberalism. What have we come to from allowing the mass media and oligarchs to freely run rampant?
After a decade, they will again gather in Davos and proclaim: “Now 99% of the total capital is owned by 1% of the population, and soon all 100% will come into our hands. All the rest can die from hunger. We, of course, feel sorry for them, but there is nothing we can do about it. This is an egoistic path of development. If you dislike it, complain to the Creator.”
The rich themselves will say: “You want change, but it’s not in our hands. We are not at fault; we are the same egoists like everyone else. You would have done the same in our place. All the money has accumulated with us because the desire to enjoy obligated us to act in this way. Complain to the one who created us.” Perhaps then, those unfortunate people who have not a crumb left will understand that they need to turn to the Creator.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/25/18, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar,” Item 60

To Comprehend Universal Consciousness

763.1Question: Do we have the opportunity to comprehend the universal mind and learn how to correctly perceive, respond, and build our behavior in society and society itself?
Answer: If we look only at our life and at our limited possibilities and properties, then the future “does not shine” for us.
We see what is happening in the world: egoism grows and people indulge in it, no one is going to limit it and cannot do so, and no one can manage the world intelligently.
If there are some great personalities who understand this, their influence on society is so small that the chance of coming to a world correction is almost zero.
The wisdom of Kabbalah speaks of very interesting and rather revolutionary things. It explains that there is nothing outside. All that I observe and everything that appears to me—are my internal properties. Absolutely everything is inside me. But I see this as inanimate, plant, animal, and human nature that is outside only to be able to feel more, because I cannot see this inside of me.
If I begin to know the outer world as my inner one, to expand my participation in it, and to relate to the world with good connection and love, then I begin to feel these qualities in myself. They come back to me from the outside.
I perceive them in myself and thus I understand that, in addition to my true consciousness, i.e., a large information field, there is nothing outside, and I exist with respect to it. And all other creatures, including humans, exist only in me as my internal properties.
When one starts to get insight into this, one understands that there are no contradictions here—you just see other people who have certain properties and seem to exist, like you, but in reality you are one in one whole mind.
According to Kabbalah, humanity will come to a state when they will be convinced that they are under threat of destruction. But people cannot destroy themselves because it contradicts the general development program. Thus, people will understand that they have to move into such a relationship that will give them the opportunity to begin to feel themselves existing at the next level —not only in the power of reception, but in the power of bestowal.
And then between these two planes—the lower (egoistic) and the higher (altruistic)—we can exist in such a way that egoism will be directed to the benefit of love and bestowal because we need to feel others and know what to give to them and how to be with them in the right communication.
From KabTV “Together on the main thing. Alexander Zhdanov,” 11/24/17

New Life #941 – How Does Man Change Internally?

New Life #941 – How Does Man Change Internally?
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz
In previous generations, people had stability at work, married once, and were less likely to desire change. These days, the desire to enjoy, which is inherent in all of us, develops constantly and our lives are always changing. We want to look good in the eyes of others, but eventually this pleasure also fades away. Eventually, we ask about the meaning of our lives, and this leads us to study the wisdom of Kabbalah. We learn how to acquire the attributes of the Creator and see reality differently. We discover the upper force, learn about the power of love, and become included in eternity, revealing the secret of life.
From the KabTV’s “New Life #941 – How Does Man Change Internally?,” 1/2/18

Thursday, February 15, 2018

My Facebook Page: “Florida Shooting”

From My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 2/14/18
Yesterday’s Florida shooting is only the latest of 18 school shootings since the beginning of 2018, which means that now there’s a school shooting in America every 60 hours.
When former New York police chief says, “this reality is the new normal,” and “will just continue to occur,” America should recognize its problem is much greater than gun control laws – it’s about how it has become a culture that is desensitized to obscene levels of violence.
Declaring such school shootings as acts of “pure evil,” as Florida Governor Rick Scott just did, amounts to ignoring any cultural conditions that create them.
Take a look at the trend: The Columbine massacre was carried out by an 18-year-old and a 17-year-old, Virginia Tech by a 23-year-old, Sandy Hook by a 20-year-old, and now in Florida, another 19-year-old. And these are only the big names etched into America’s collective memory. Between them there were more than 200 other school shootings, most of which follow the same pattern, with a young adult becoming a murderer.
By the time they are 18, American kids watch 200,000 acts of violence, 16,000 of which are murders, and that’s just on TV. Now add to that what they see when they go to the movies, wander the net, and the violent video games they play. When you consider the impact of the above on a developing mind, who might also be struggling with difficult life circumstances, is it really so surprising that horrific violent scenes are playing out in real life?
When people feel like their life is not necessarily worth living, their senseless acts reflect the worst their culture has taught them.
The way towards a less violent in America goes beyond laws and regulations. America must read the writing on the wall and initiate a massive socio-educational endeavor to infuse its culture with new examples, norms and values.

The Living System

75.01The spiritual system works in a special way. In the material world, we are used to the fact that even the largest systems are built on a more primitive principle where any element performs its autonomous function.
For example, a car has its radiator, carburetor, pistons, and cylinders, and every detail functions as it was initially designed without changing its function according to the new conditions.
Spiritual systems have much fewer elements: 5 x 5 x 5, but the problem is that by changing their degree relative to the Light of infinity, they change their attributes, as it is written “Changing your place brings about a change of luck.”
This is the entire complexity.
Otherwise, all of The Study of the Ten Sefirot (TES – Talmud Eser Sefirot) could be explained in twenty pages. But the problem is that there are spiritual ascents and descents through which attributes change, and this confuses us.
If spiritual Partzufim ascend or descend, they can change their previous behavior. It is impossible to say about any five Sefirot if this is Hochma or Hassadim (Bina), because this depends on what is above and below them, what they clothe, and to whom they must bestow.
No one exists by itself, and so it turns out that each can perform the functions of all. There is no such thing in our world! However, the entire spiritual system is created from a single desire to enjoy, and everything else in this system depends on the way it is used.
Lights enter the system and start organizing it according to their qualities. Everything depends on the position of the Partzuf or even its part in relation to other Partzufim. This is impossible to understand with our mind; it must go through our feelings and then we will see that this system is alive.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/25/18Talmud Eser Sefirot, Part 10, “Table of Answers for Topics,” Item 149

Love On The Physical Level

laitman_959Question: Can we see examples of true love anywhere so we can understand the possibilities of realizing it?
Answer: An example of true love is the love of a mother for her child.
This is love on the physical, beastly level, which can be seen in a limited form in animals and in a more extensive form in humans. If we were to cut off the connection between a mother and her child, there would not be any love between them.
Therefore, in our world, what we call love is simply an egoistic attitude toward a source of pleasure. It is nothing more than this. If I love you, then I receive pleasure from you.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/13/17

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