Thursday, October 20, 2016

“Able-Bodied Workers Are Less Likely To Work”

laitman_926_02In The News (Russian Bazaar): “One of every three and a half Americans at an age when they are capable of work who were born in the territory of the United States are living at the expense of relatives and from government assistance grants. This shocking conclusion was made by analysts of the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) on the basis of new statistics by the Census Bureau (Census Bureau) and the Department of Labor (DOL).
“The increase in the number of unemployed Americans – one more consequence of the disappearing middle class, which during the reign of Barak Obama fell to a record 47% – 49%.
“Unemployed citizens were more likely to admit that the being poor today can be more profitable than the working taxpayer. …
“ If even a decade ago to be a representative of the middle class was prestigious, but now the poor are much more than the middle class.
“The conscious transition to the ranks of the poor is observed throughout America”.
My Comment: The world is advancing toward the end of its egoistic development and toward passage to the level of integral development, the development of an internal connection between individual people to the full feeling of all of us as one whole.
The need for superfluous work is disappearing. We will manufacture only what is imperative for our existence. We will invest all of our time and energy in the creation of integral connections among us from a desire and yearning (Achishena – I will hasten it) or from compulsion through suffering (Beito – in its time).

“The Collapse of the UN Security Council“

Laitman_120In the News (The National Interest): ”Although the 2016 U.N. meetings seem quite similar compared to others held over the last several years, this week’s debate comes at a time when the international community is inundated with problems in virtually every region of the world. With the exception of a landmark peace agreement that ended five decades of conflict in Colombia, every region is experiencing some degree of threat that could spiral to a whole new level if the international community as a whole and regional governments in particular are unable to find a way to address them. The list is endless and depressing: a humanitarian abomination in Syria and daily terrorist attacks in Iraq; the rise of anti-immigration parties in Europe and the biggest challenge to the EU since its foundation; a North Korea on a full tear towards a permanent nuclear weapons capability; Russia flexing its military and diplomatic muscle in the former Soviet Union; and China increasingly carving out more territory for itself in the South China Sea.
“The United Nations was created nearly seventy years ago to ensure that crises that pop up around the world are either mitigated to the greatest possible extent or are solved in a way that doesn’t promote further conflict. After tens of millions of people perished in World War II, the last thing the world wanted was a return to a full-scale armed conflict that produced nothing but more death and societal destruction. At the top of the U.N. pyramid, of course, is the Security Council — a body of the world’s most geopolitically vibrant countries, each with a veto, responsible for the ‘maintenance of international peace and security’ in global politics. If an armed conflict, a natural disaster, an atrocity committed by a government, or a nuclear weapons breakout occurred somewhere around the world, it is up to the Security Council to determine the best course of action in a unified and collective way. And in theory, every U.N. member state is required to uphold the council’s decisions.
“Today, it isn’t a stretch to say that the Security Council is not living up to those obligations. Indeed, what was originally thought to be a body where conciliation and unity between the world’s major powers would avert further war has changed into a forum that resembles a meaningless debating society. But what’s even worse than a meaningless debating society is one whose membership is composed of highly antagonistic actors constantly at each other’s throats regardless of the issue.”
My Comment: The United Nations and the Security Council of the United Nations are a reflection of the general state of the world. Moreover, the member nations of the Security Council are already in a state of open warfare. So it only remains to make this a reality. It is doubtful if after that a place will remain for the existence of the United Nations.
There must be a higher decision to seat all the permanent members of the United Nations in a “circle” and begin to arrange a study with them according to the method of connection and unity. It will be before or after the Third World War, but this will inevitably happen!

“Once Again A Storm Is Again Approaching The US Economy”

400Opinion (Basil Koltashov, Head of Center for Economic Research Institute of Globalization and Social Movements ): “In the years 2015-2016, we buried many hopes and illusions. …
“The US economy is in a bubble. The bubble has debt already exceeding 100% of GDP.
“This bubble exists in the banking system where the situation seems stable only because of the Fed’s supercheap money. The bubble can also been seen in the housing market. And it is also in the stock market.
“The is a whole set of reasons for the 2008 crisis, but the situation is only under control for the meantime. …
“Of course, you can still talk about the strength of the US economy – the economy is high, the country is rich in resources, industry, agriculture and the development of technology. But there is no clarity with the prospects. Moreover, once again the storm is coming.”
My Comment: All of this is clear. It is just not clear how to awaken the sleeping brain of humanity to recognize the real and true danger and to become aware of a realistic solution.

New Life #438 – Yom Kippur

New Life #438 – Yom Kippur
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz
What is the spiritual meaning of the Yom Kippur customs and how do they awaken us to scrutinize our internal desires and intentions in our attitude to others, to connection, and to true love?
Almost everyone goes to the synagogue on Yom Kippur. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, Yom Kippur is a very special state in the cycle of the year for a person who develops spiritually.
We are used to examining our actions, but we should also examine our intentions, especially with regard to others: Where do I stand with regard to the upper force whose nature is love and bestowal? The examination, just like an X-ray of the intention of the heart, is done by the Light that comes from studying Kabbalah.
The Ten Days of Penitence are ten X-rays of the heart, which show where I am for my own sake and where I am for the sake of others.
The Torah requires a person to correct his heart. Nature, God, examines only the intention in the heart. The fasting symbolizes the need to first stop receiving for only my own sake, restriction. Then we can bestow. We learn from the story of the prophet Jonah that we have to put ourselves aside and act for the sake of others. A person cannot turn to the Creator if there are people he has hurt in the world.
True reconciliation with others is not that they should forgive you, but that you should build in your heart whole love for them.
From KabTV’s “New Life #438 – Yom Kippur,” 9/30/14
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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Night Is The Beginning Of A New Degree

Dr. Michael LaitmanТоrah, Deuteronomy 11:16: Beware, lest your heart be misled, and you turn away and worship strange gods and prostrate yourselves before them. When a person gets another revelation of a new egoism, a new degree, it is always revealed as an evil, in the uncorrected form, because all the degrees are parts of the broken Kli, the vessel of the shattered soul.
The uncorrected state is represented by evening, night, and darkness. Then the day comes, the correction and reception of the Light into the corrected state. Therefore, when a person goes through these states and succeeds in something, a new degree appears in front of him immediately and his egoism tells him, “Well done, you corrected yourself! You can do it alone.”
It turns out that then it is very difficult to adapt to the next degree correctly and start working with it. The “snake,” a person’s “I,” rises in him again, either from a bad or a good side, but always it.
Question: When his “I” manifests in him, can we consider it as a sign of the next degree?
Answer: Naturally, because everything starts with the night, but how hard it is for us to understand that this is a beginning of the next degree.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/15/16

New Life #437 – The Ten Days Of Repentance

New Life #437 – The Ten Days Of Repentance
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel
What is the meaning of the Ten Days of Repentance? How do they direct us toward our personal and social development and how do connection workshops help us do so according to the wisdom of Kabbalah?
The wiser and more sensitive a person becomes, the more he sees what he has to correct internally. Identifying as many flaws as possible is the first step toward correction. Just like in a medical diagnosis, I examine what is flawed in me with regard to the goal of my development, which is to be as one man in one heart.
When we begin to examine our attitude toward others, we discover a system called TenSefirot between us. On Rosh HaShanah I decide to correct it, and during the ten days of repentance I examine exactly what needs to be corrected.
The repentance reveals ten desires in me, which I have to change from for my own sake to the sake of others. This is called performing a Mitzva, a commandment of the general plan of nature, of God. The ten days of repentance symbolize the ten groups of desires that I have to sort out, the ten Sefirot.
The ten days of repentance are establishing a plan for correcting the evil in me. This requires inspiration from above. Such introspection doesn’t require great wisdom or academic knowledge. It is done in a group. While working in a group, sitting in a circle with ten people, we develop the right attitude toward others.
This process of self-correction can be done any day of the year and not only during the ten days of penitence.
During the ten days of repentance we clarify which desires can be used for the sake of others and which cannot. It is a closed system. Everything a person takes for himself beyond what he actually needs is at the expense of others. At the end of the ten days of repentance, a person discovers that all his actions are only for his own sake and begins the corrections.
From KabTV’s “New Life #437 – Holidays: The Ten Days Of Penitence,” 9/28/14
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Union With All Levels of Nature

laitman_929Question: To what degree should our ego develop to reach discovery of the Creator?
Answer: Our ego needs to be developed to the point where it covers the whole world. In other words, I connect with everything in this world—inanimate, vegetative, animals, and human beings—and absorb their egosim, their characteristics, within me, and correct them within me.
This is a state where I see that the whole world is just a projection of my uncorrected internal characteristics, and when I correct them, they are already in me.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/1/16

How Can We Overcome The Crisis Of Confidence?

laitman_629_3Question: What actions of unity can help us overcome the crisis of confidence?
Answer: Today the crisis of confidence grips everyone in the world feels a crisis of confidence: there is no trust in the family, between parents and children, between citizens and their state, and all the more so between different states and different peoples. We are detached from one another and divided because our egosim is continuously growing.
Our world was created by one attribute only, which is egoism, and we have to add the other attribute, altruism, by ourselves in order to balance the attribute of egoism. We have to insert the attribute of love and bestowal into this world so that it will stand against egoism.
But we don’t do that, and so the process of people drawing further away from each other continues in the family, in society, everywhere. What can we do about it? The only thing we can do is to begin to draw the good force, which is concealed in nature, unto us.
The good force is called the Creator or the Light, and we must draw it. Our future and the future of our children depend on it. Let’s try to do it! The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us how we can implement it.
We need to adapt this wisdom properly, adapt it to our times, and convey it in a clear manner to ourselves and then to others. Then we will succeed and the crisis of confidence will disappear.
This will happen only when, precisely because this crisis, we have to attract the Upper Light that will balance our evil inclination, and we will eventually be able to connect to each other. Moreover, we will feel united in one desire.
The Creator created one desire, and then the ego shattered, severed us in this desire, and divided it into countless pieces. And now, where egoism reigns between us,it is necessary to cover it with good, mutual rapprochement, mutual bestowal, and even love. This is our task.
Then our tiny souls, which are divided by egoism, will be covered with a good mutual connection. This “sandwich”—huge ego inside and great, mighty altruism above it, love and bestowal—will give us great power to attain the Creator. We will penetrate its depth and achieve attainment, expansion, eternity, and perfection.
All of this is meant for us and will be ours. But we must strive for it.
Question: This type of work is basically not done in one hour. Will we have to continuously build small bridges of love over our egoism that is continually growing?
Answer: There is nothing to worry about. Many Kabbalists attained the peak of the end of correction, and we are in a position where we are able to do it—nothing is unattainable.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/8/16

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