Tuesday, October 17, 2017

What Does Love Begin With?

laitman_947Question: What is absolute love and why isn’t it possible even in relationships between parents and children?
Answer: The fact is that there is no love in our world in the strict sense of this word.
In Kabbalah, love means a state where I give everything to another person and exist within him with all my expectations, leaving nothing inside of me. My heart is empty, my mind is empty, my strengths are empty, and I give everything to others. This is called “love.” There is no such thing in our world.
In other words, in our egoistic qualities with which we were born and exist blissfully to this day there is no such opportunity because egoism works absolutely differently. It does not matter how we twist it, it will still turn around and do everything the way it is good for it.
Even if we give something to others and wish them well, it is only because we get some benefit from it and for this it is worth to wish for good or do something good for others. Thus, there is no love. Just complete egoism.
Love begins with the fact that we try to work with each other in a group, trying to tune in to correct relationships as if we want to bestow, share, and selflessly pass something from ourselves to others in our ten. Yet, we cannot. Then it becomes clear to us that we lack the force of bestowal, the force of love.
In this case, the need arises to find, reveal, recognize, and receive it. Initially, there is a quality of bestowal and love in nature—the quality of the Creator. It means that we need to receive some of this force from the Creator.
Therefore, when we try to treat each other correctly with bestowal and love in the ten, we see that we cannot do this. Then we all begin to demand from the Creator: “Give us the force of bestowal, of love, and of the correct relationships with each other. You must correct us. You must help us.” And we receive this force.
Thus the Creator reveals between us—the quality of bestowal and love. It is really possible to do this. Our laboratory is our ten, where we constantly discuss everything together, make decisions, act, invite this positive force upon ourselves, and implement it.
Comment: You always say that the Creator is revealed in the relationships between people.
Answer: Only in the ten, in the correct association of people among themselves, and in the correct connection between them. This is not simple. This is work according to the clear methodolgy over a long time.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/11/17

Resistance To The Wisdom Of Kabbalah, Part 1

laitman_259.01We see that humanity develops under the influence of two forces: support and opposition, pros and cons, driving force and resisting force. It is natural for any development that there is expansion and contraction all the time, like inhale and exhale.
At any given moment, these two forces act because the right development is impossible without a balance between them.
Kabbalah and Kabbalists develop according to their generation. Sparks emerge in the broken vessel of the soul. These sparks are ready to resurface from the fragments of the soul, and they demand correction.
People in whom such sparks awaken feel the need to reveal the purpose of creation, the upper force, the Creator, and to learn about the universe. They seek to rise above ordinary life so as not to remain within their broken desires but to live just for the sake of the spiritual sparks.
Although these sparks are broken, a person feels that they need to be revived. Therefore, there are many forces inside a Kabbalist: sparks, spiritual genes (Reshimot), and desires related to correction, that is, the properties of bestowal.
This process began with the first man Adam. And then more and more people, from those who felt the need to discover and comprehend the purpose of creation and to belong to the upper power and the upper system, joined him in each generation. So, from Adam descended the entire line of Kabbalists who developed the method of revealing the Creator to the created beings in this world.
Kabbalists were those created beings who revealed the upper force. And since spiritual sparks and desires awakened in many people, Kabbalists also spread the wisdom of Kabbalah, which evoked different reactions.
And even a simple study of Kabbalah awakens two opposing forces in a person: the desire for and against the revelation of the Creator. After all, a man is a broken desire to enjoy, an egoist, and inside of him is a spark that demands a gateway to another dimension, to another level—the intention to bestow.
This spark refers to a different life, a different world. Therefore, a Kabbalist has two inner worlds: sometimes he is dominated by the force of bestowal and sometimes by the force of reception. He always goes through ups and downs as two of these opposing forces constantly work in him: sparks and broken desires demand their realization. In this way a Kabbalist develops, sometimes in the right and sometimes in the left line.
The same rule applies to a person and his environment. Abraham, the first Kabbalist who began spreading Kabbalah to the masses, met with strong resistance from his father Terah and his entire former school, as well as from the ruler of Ancient Babylon, Nimrod. The resistance was so strong that he had to leave Babylon.
Resisting Kabbalah is natural, because nothing develops without it. We see in the example of the inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels of nature that the whole evolution happens as a result of struggle, and it couldn’t have been otherwise.
Therefore, Kabbalists are patient toward Kabbalah’s opponents because they realize that they receive them from above and that it is the Creator who organizes all these protesting forces. But at the same time, as representatives of the force of spiritual development, they need to resist material and egoistic development.
Opponents of Kabbalah fight it in every possible way, but Kabbalists understand that all this resistance is arranged by the Creator who controls these forces, and therefore, the answer to it must be appropriate. In the end, we need to act for one purpose only: to reveal the Creator to the created beings in this world, which is the goal of the wisdom of Kabbalah.
Kabbalah is revealed for this very purpose and it is impossible for one to unfold without the other, as progress and resistance are based on each other.
Therefore, one must treat Kabbalah’s opponents rationally, realizing that from the moment the Light created darkness, that is, when the altruistic desire created the egoistic desire, these desires were opposite to each other, but they must develop together. After all, the Light also develops when it enters the creation, organizes it, and builds up more and more diverse connections in it.
Therefore, one must treat all criticism creatively, with understanding. And although the opponents of Kabbalah brought many misfortunes to Kabbalists, on the other hand, all these forces act according to the program of creation.
From the Lesson “Resistance to the Science of Kabbalah” 9/24/17

On The Threshold Of A “Post-Egoistic” Era

laitman_928Humanity wants to know where it is and what it lives for, what the secret of life is, and what will be after it? Where do we come from when we are born into this world? Where do we go after we die? Do we exist only as animals who do not feel anything other than our own biological, material existence?
The latest developments in physics, chemistry, biology, and especially quantum mechanics are revealing new forms of existence; we are beginning to uncover more levels of complexity that our world possesses. Our world apparently consists of many dimensions, one inside the other, and contains a multitude of lifeforms, some as yet unknown to us.
We live in a minuscule fragment of reality, and it is very possible that this reality is not even real but is only generated in our very limited consciousness. It only seems to us as if we exist in physical bodies, in a large world, in a tremendous universe, but in essence, all this is but a representation within our minds. Quantum physics is already finding evidence for this.
This type of understanding is principally important in determining the way we relate to life. Just look at how powerfully religion changes a person’s world-view, when he believes that he lives in this world with the possibility to continue life after death in some other world.
A particular world-view can completely overturn ideas about life, leading to wars and conflicts, dividing and uniting people. This is the most important question because it brings meaning to our biological lives in this world and to that which is beyond this life’s limits as they appear to us.
That’s why it is very important to come to a correct perception of reality. And here we collide with resistance from the side of religion and other forms of faith-based practices, with the indecisiveness of people and with the sciences.
This subject is hushed and covered up; it is not pleasant to talk about it. Because, if we speak of this in the open, there will be resistance, it will completely turn upside-down the philosophy of life for people, it will change the way people relate to their existence and the meaning of life. And this is not an easy thing.
As yet, science has only just begun to guess at this and scientists are starting to speak about it a little. It is very good if people find out that our world is actually structured in an extraordinarily complex fashion and is just one of many worlds, that we can change ourselves and move from world to world, and all that is needed is to change our perception, our sensory organs.
When we move from one potential level and rise to another, we lose contact with this material life. We begin to perceive life completely differently: not limited by some hundred years, but endless in time and space, above all limitations.
If this evidence appeared in all sources of mass media, it would attract many to the study of the science of Kabbalah, because it is specifically Kabbalah that opens to each person the possibility of traveling between worlds.
The era of egoistic control is over. People have changed and already egoism cannot control them. Egoistic programming exhausted itself, and little by little we began to be liberated from the totalitarian control of the ego, from our consumerist attitude toward nature. And that’s why we feel ourselves less limited and we begin to sense and guess that there is something higher than our egoistic perception of the world.
I am very hopeful that ultimately we will reveal the truth. And then all will change: religion, faith-based practices, and the way people relate to life.
From KabTV’s “Discussion About Perception Of Reality,” 12/26/16

New Life #898 – Human Awareness

New Life #898 – Human Awareness
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz
What is the role of the conscious and the subconscious in human development?Why do we awaken to ask about the reason for our existence and what level of new consciousness can we achieve? Is there a supreme plan in nature that develops and manages us?
From KabTV’s “New Life #898 – Human Awareness,” 8/17/17
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The Shattering Of Egoistic Desires

laitman_571.06Torah, Deuteronomy 29:06 – 29:07: And then you arrived at this place. And Sihon, the king of Heshbon, and Og, the king of Bashan, came out towards us in battle, and we smote them. And we took their land, and we gave it as an inheritance to the Reubenites, the Gadites, and to the half tribe of Manasseh.
Sihon, the king of Heshbon, and Og, the king of Bashan, represent the egoism in a person in its various manifestations.
The shattering of egoistic desires does not mean that you approach them and reveal them. You begin a battle with them. You need the Light of Hochma to break them and rise above them. Therefore, here you must act only with the Creator.
And it is quite possible that your previous foundations, that is, the Light that already exists in you will be enough to distinguish them and find contact with them.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/28/16

Monday, October 16, 2017

Why The Soul Requires Correction

Laitman_117Question: Why does the soul require correction?
Answer: From the start, one single creature existed called a soul. So that the creature can feel independent and attain the greatest blossoming, meaning the level of the Creator, it must pass through shattering and correction.
Therefore, in our world each one receives a small part of his soul. In each one of us there is a small part of the general soul called Adam HaRishon (the First Man) or simply, Adam(a desire). The fulfillment of the soul is Light.
In fact, the creature doesn’t feel itself in the beginning of its creation because in it there was very little desire and a very small Light. To bring it to a state resembling the Creator, the soul was broken into 600,000 main parts, and as a result of continued division, it became a multitude of many more fragments.
In each fragment, meaning in a small individual soul, there is a desire and its fulfillment also. During the shattering, these fragments began to feel independent; partitions appeared between them, as there are between people, and they began to feel cut off, torn off, and detached from each other. This rejection is called egoism. And at present it is necessary to gather all the fragments and bring them to their original state, to connect them into one general desire and fill them with one general Light.
But where then will the egoism disappear, which separates us as such, that each one is imprisoned in his Klipa (shell)? Nowhere. It is up to us to connect with each other against the egoism, and then we receive a Light that is 613 times greater than it was before.
In this way, instead of feeling a tiny bit of life: cold here, hot there, a bit of light, a bit of shade, we begin to feel piercing states. We feel, “with whom we have business,” who is giving us power and life, how it is possible to relate to the Creator and enter into a connection with Him: “I am to the Highest, and He is to me.” In other words, we begin to attain the Creator and rise to His level.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/23/17

To Not Feel Pain

laitman_293Question: For eight years now I have been suffering with a rare disorder. It’s important for me to know, is it possible not to feel pain? It consumes all my thoughts and my feelings. When the pain comes, I am completely engulfed by it.
Answer: I understand. Of course it is possible to overcome pain, but only if you allow yourself to feel a more powerful sensation.
The moment pain starts, internally focus on a more powerful feeling that would be able to suppress the relatively weak sensation of pain, no matter how powerful it may seem; this is the problem.
In principle, this can go to any level until the body goes into shock, either from the pain or from the effort to rise above the pain. However, the body still has a limit to this. We are created and function in such a way that, ordinarily, we cannot reach such a state.
People distract themselves from pain in various ways: alcohol, mild narcotics, etc. I often laid in the hospital and spent hours distracting myself from pain by finding interesting programs on TV.
This is also called “rising above the pain,” and such everyday means can be advised to others as well. I will not speak of other methods because they would not be acceptable for people not engaged with Kabbalah.
Question: How do the Kabbalists cope with pain?
Answer: Kabbalist can control pain, but also only to a certain degree. From above you are always rewarded with such states so that you begin to understand the insignificance of your organism and of yourself. It becomes clear to you that you are limited and exist under the control of your desire, which experiences either pleasure or pain.
This is given to a person in order for him to realize how insignificant he is and how he must control himself in order to rise above these states to the level of the Creator.
The Creator exists above both negative and positive sensations in desire because there is no desire to receive in Him! In Him is the desire to bestow that does not experience the kind of pain we experience. It feels pain only from the inability to give.
Question: What advice can be given to an ordinary person who feels pain on the corporeal level?
Answer: If not pain-management medication, then any infatuation, any method of distraction can serve as an anesthetic.
It must be raised in importance relative to the pain as much as possible so as not to move into the state of pain; the focus of your attention must be shifted to any other problem or personal concern, in order for that channel of pain, which is somehow triggered within us, not to engulf everything. Diffuse the pain through various channels and make an attempt to go above it through positive action.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/15/17

The Book Of Zohar: Tuning For The Perception Of The Creator

Laitman_151Question: How can The Book of Zohar be useful if only its fragments were found?
Answer: The Book of Zohar was indeed written in a very large volume; it possibly contained about a hundred books.
From this ancient book we got, maybe, only a tenth part. However, we do not need more.
When Kabbalists began to explore this book ten centuries ago, starting from the 11thcentury, they found out that they did not lose anything. After all, The Book of Zohar only sets the person to the correct perception of the Creator, and then he goes by himself according to the principle “One’s soul teaches him.”
Therefore, what is not written in The Book of Zohar, you open and write on your heart, that is, on your corrected desires.
Question: Don’t we need to know the commentary on the words that we do not understand?
Answer: If a person already perceives the upper images of the Creator in himself, then he does not need books.
Remark: But we are talking about those people who are first-time readers of The Book of Zohar. They read and do not know what these words are about.
Answer: It does not at all matter whether they know or not. The main thing is that their aspiration to attainment evokes a special force, called Zohar – radiance. People who study Kabbalah selectively attract the surrounding Light, and it begins to purify them, raise them, and change them, up to the point where they become capable of feeling the upper world, the Creator.
Question: Does The Book of Zohar write about the laws of communication between people?
Answer: Yes, but nowadays they are not revealed to us as the laws of communication. The fact is that first The Book of Zohar affects a person in such a way that it attracts the upper Light that purifies and changes him, correctly connecting him with others. And then, in connection with other friends, he begins to reveal its meaning.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/4/17

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