Thursday, September 29, 2016

Be Beautiful!

Laitman_201_01Question: What does the wisdom of Kabbalah have against a woman’s natural desire to adorn herself for a man or in order to be beautiful? The Book of Zohar says that a woman has a natural desire to adorn herself.
Answer: According to the wisdom of Kabbalah to adorn refers to the intention of in order to bestow.
Comment: The Book of Zohar says that “Malchut adorns herself so that the desired groom will arrive…” which means the Creator.
Answer: The Book of Zohar refers to the preparation of our desire in order to work with the intention of in order to bestow, not in order to attract a man.
Question: So should a woman adorn herself or not?
Answer: There is no problem in adorning yourself and being beautiful.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/24/16

According To The Plan Of The Creator

Laitman_632_3Torah, Deuteronomy 9:25 – 9:27: So I fell down before the Lord the forty days and the forty nights that I had fallen down; because the Lord had said to destroy you. And I prayed to the Lord and said, “O Lord God, do not destroy Your people and Your inheritance, which You have redeemed in Your greatness, and which You have brought out of Egypt with mighty hand. Remember your servants, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; do not turn to the stubbornness of this people, to their wickedness, or to their sin.
Moses protects his people all the time, because he is a quality of Bina. He is the only one who has connection with the Creator. This is a quality that exists deep within us, and today we are trying to create it in the connection between the friends in the group. This quality will save us.
Question: At what moment do I fall down before the Creator?
Answer: When I agree with the fact that everything that is done, is done by Him for the better and I am ready to lower myself before all the actions that He thinks to carry out through me. I agree with absolutely everything. This is considered a very high degree.
If I don’t do it, I won’t be able to correct any of my 613 desires, i.e., I won’t be able to perform 613 commandments (Mitzvot). This is what is called “destroy my people.”
Question: And what does the exclamation “Remember your servants, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob” mean?
Answer: The forefathers aren’t the slaves of Pharaoh, but the servants of the Creator. They laid the foundation of the three lines in our soul. Thus, thanks to their preparation within us, we can move on. They are constantly holding the connection between the people and the Creator.
Question: In other words, it is a request? It gives us an opportunity to walk along the middle line because we constantly deviate to the left.
Answer: This is the way it should be. A person should rejoice when something strong and serious falls on him. It means that now he rose to such a state where he can accept an additional burden and, of course, additional connection with the Creator.
Question: Usually such states come when we don’t expect them. However, can we ourselves cause them, feel ourselves reaching a dead end, and start working with them?
Answer: I personally don’t see states that a person can cause himself or even more than that, not to cause, but to provoke.
The Creator has His plan, His terms, and He works with them very precisely because everything consists of ten Sefirot, five Partzufim, 125 degrees, 613 desires on each degree and so on. It means that everything is calibrated and installed from the top down. And from the bottom up, we can only rise according to the same laws.
From KabTV’s, “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/11/16

Extraterrestrial Civilizations On The Planet Earth, Part 1

laitman_739Question: Humanity wants to know what is beyond our Earth. The search for other civilizations is the subject of many books and films; it excites people’s imagination. So why does it concern us so much? Why don’t we focus on our planet instead of wasting time on the other ones.
Answer: Some people are not concerned at all with the life on other planets, and some have a burning interest in this subject. I remember my childhood dream to fly to some star. Even after I was told that I wouldn’t be able to return to Earth, I was ready for a space trip.
But that was the end of 50s, the time of the first flights into space. Therefore, everyone was concerned with this subject and dreamed of finding out and seeing what was there on the other planets.
Later this interest faded because our desire developed more. At the beginning this desire pushed us to explore space and made us dizzy with star romance, but then gradually the euphoria passed.
People became indifferent to space exploration and ceased to develop them. Space was given to the disposal of the military that used it only for the purpose of defense, that is, in the interest of our egoism that wanted to rule everyone.
Sometimes newspapers print sensational news about the discovery of some signs of life on the other planets. But I am very skeptical about this, and moreover, I am sure that scientists will find nothing. Although, it is good that humanity is concerned with the opportunity to find other life in the universe.
Why do people need this? This is a very interesting question. The same force that developed us from inanimate matter to plants, then to animals and humans, doesn’t allow us to relax and develops us further. It urges us to see, to act, to control, and to fly to the other stars. But in reality we won’t discover anything special there.
Let’s assume that we landed on Mars. What can we find there? Even if we fantasize and imagine that we found primitive forms of life there, what does it give us?
If we could discover some special, highly developed civilization, then aliens would have come to us a long time ago. Or, perhaps, they are not interested in us because we are so primitive and corrupt? That is, in any case, whether there is life on other planets or not, it does not promise us anything good.
Development shouldn’t be in flying from one star to another and installing our flag on them as if we want to stake out the planet and show that it belongs to earthlings. So it is understandable why humanity is losing interest in space exploration. After all, there really is nothing in it.
We need to develop in a completely different direction, to reveal the force that developed us from inanimate matter to plants, animals, and then humans. We need to reveal this force in us. Nevertheless, it is hidden within us and with its help it will continue our further development.
Apparently, this force is going to develop us to the next form, in the same way as before we developed on the inanimate, vegetative, and animate degrees. So let’s see what the next stage of our development is.
It can be very interesting. Perhaps we will be able to stimulate our development and speed it up. And then we won’t have to dream about how to reach the nearest star that is several light years away, which obviously impossible to implement, because it would take tens of thousands of years with modern technology. Instead of this, we will develop ourselves as quickly as possible and become new creatures.
Just as now there is a difference between a stone and a plant, a plant and an animal, and an animal and a human, so can we develop further to a completely new level. It will be even more exciting, a special development in both quantity and, most importantly, quality, much more substantial than today’s difference between an animal and a human.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 8/30/16

Anti-Semitism Is On The Way To Heaven

400Comment: The Islamic State is full of anger and resentment toward the Jews. As we all know Iran is planning to destroy the state of Israel in 20 years. According to surveys 83%-53% of the Muslim population living in the Middle East is hostile toward the Jews, but surprisingly even 65%-75% of Christians in the Middle East don’t like the Jews.
Scientists have begun to explore this phenomenon and have reached the conclusion that the myths about ritual killing were basically foreign to Islam. The Islamic world did not treat the Jews as sorcerers or blood drinkers.
But there was a shift in their views at a certain point, and the researchers say anti-Semitism as experts say, when anti-Semitism came from a completely different world—from Europe, and enveloped the whole world. Therefore the percentage of Christians who hate the Jews was quite shocking for all those who believed that only the Muslims basically hate the Jews.
Answer: If any person examines himself, deep down he will discover that he hates the Jews. It doesn’t depend on him. Hating Jews and feeling they are opposite from you is a law of nature. The fact is that Jews in their root are opposite from the nature of this world, as though they are completely different like aliens from another planet.
And this is indeed the case. I understand this perspective because the nature of the nations of the world in their basis is opposite from the nature of the Jews. After all, the nature of the Jews is based on the attribute of bestowal and love of others, while the nature of the nations of the world is based on egoism. These are two polar states.
This went on until about 2,000 years ago when the Jews fell from the state of love of others to hatred and began to mix with the other nations. But the nations of the world still have that sense. It exists in them and they feel that there is something different about the Jews, a different world view, a different perspective, a different approach, a different attitude, a different way of seeing life.
Question: Is this true even though the Jews mixed with the other nations?
Answer: It makes no difference! It has not disappeared. Everything that the anti-Semites say comes from their soul. They actually feel it! There is nothing we can do about it! But the Jews don’t understand that since they have lost their spiritual root and today seem like everyone else. But in fact it isn’t so, the point of unity is alive inside them and the nations of the world feel that there is something in the Jews that they don’t have. This is where in addition to the hatred they feel, they also feel envy, competition, etc.
There is only one solution. The Jews have to reunite to fulfill what is called the point in their heart, which means the yearning for unity, and to show the nations of the world the method of unity. Then all the nations will understand what the Jews exist for, will begin to justify their existence, and will be ready to accept this method from them. Then the whole world will also unite as the prophets said.
Thus our world will complete this level of its existence, since it will ascend to total unity from which we will begin to feel the next level of creation called the upper world. Everything we see here on this planet, everything on the levels of the still, vegetative, and animate nature doesn’t exist! There is only one force in which we exist, the force of unity, the force of eternal infinite love. Thus we all ascend to the level of heaven.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 9/5/16

New Life #622 – A New Year

New Life #622 – A New Year
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel
Why are we excited about renewal? Because we are people, not inanimate, vegetative, or animate. We are always in a state of development.
The expression, “new year” immediately arouses hope, but on the surface the situation is not very good this year. My personal expectation is that this year people will want to change their lives for the better and will be inclined to listen to the wisdom of Kabbalah.
What can bring renewal today is the discovery of the essence of life, a state which opens a door to a wonderful world. In this good world everything works differently, always advancing toward what is good and even better. It is like it was when we were children, when each and every day was full of pleasure and joy, games, and fun things.
Life today is very exhausting. Sometimes we take a breather, but from day to day we run an insane and tiring race. So many people no longer want to have children. Into what kind of a world would we be bringing them?
Changes are stressful for us because they require adaptation from us, accommodating ourselves to a new situation. In the future world that we described above, the innovations would be pleasant because they wouldn’t require effort. The possibility of opening a door to a new world depends upon our agreement to live a new life. The main condition for this new life is to live in connection with others, to become a single family.
This is against our egoistic nature, so we require a method that will develop a desire in us for connection. What will help to overcome the fear of change is a social agreement that it is impossible for things to continue like this.
From KabTV’s “New Life #622 – A New Year,” 9/8/15
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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

NZZ: “Between Atoms”

The Austrian magazine NZZ published my interview titled “Between Atoms” with Michael Fleischhacker, a journalist, moderator, and Chief Editor ofNZZ, a former Chief Editor of Die Presse. Below is the translation of the article into English.

It is one of humankind’s most ancient teachings of wisdom and still vastly popular: the wisdom of Kabbalah. One of the most prominent representatives of Kabbalah explains in this interview why we need to construct an instrument in order to reveal the Creator.
Michael FleischhackerFor this magazine, we invited several Austrian artists to produce a picture for us. One that reflects the title of the magazine: My  Creator. Zenita Komad was one of the producing artists. Through her work, I could see that her understanding is that the Creator is actually communication;  The Creator does not appear through a swirl of disconnected atoms, but only when communication is established between atoms does the Creator enlighten us, or the Creator becomes visible, if you will. Do you share this view?
Michael Laitman: That is absolutely correct. I agree with Zenita. The Creator is not a personality, but a force: the overall force uniting all the other forces in nature. This force connects and includes the whole of creation. It directs, guides, organizes and arranges everything. All in all, it is energy. In order to discover this energy, we need to create a detector inside of ourselves, much as in our world where you need an instrument to measure a magnetic or radioactive force.
For example, we feel the pressure of gravity upon us. However, we do not feel the magnetic force; hence we need an instrument for that. Such an instrument is what we need in order to grasp and reveal this highest force.
Does it sound very technical? One starts to create a certain instrument like a sensor, like something from Star Wars, in order to detect the external world. Is that correct, the way Im depicting it?
Yes. Except that on the contrary, it has to be constructed within the person.
Are there directions anywhere on how I go about doing this? Are there directions on the internet that one can just download and use?
Certainly. This is what the wisdom of Kabbalah offers us. For almost 6000 years, it has been studied how to create connections between us and within us in order to receive the force capable of revealing Divinity.
Religions speak of a different path. They, allegedly, have already constructed such an instrument, maintaining that it exists and all of the work is to simply follow that path, because this Creator they are talking about is already present, you just have to follow Him…
There are many religions and there were even more religions and beliefs in history. We are not a part of that. The wisdom of Kabbalah does not affiliate itself with any religion in any form. It is simply the “wisdom” of Kabbalah. It is a science dealing with how to reveal the Upper force of nature which is called the “ Creator.”
There’s no “faith,”  ritualistic act or anything particular we need to do. Of course, a person has to be willing to change himself to become capable of seeing the Divine.
It’s only about a person who adheres to the goal of “knowing Divinity,” revealing Divinity, knowing this force, revealing it. When it is revealed, it is within that person, through the internal changes the person himself summons. Read more …

The Basic Law Of Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Who is the dissemination of the method of unity meant for?
Answer: Since our egoism has reached its complete development in the process of evolution, we are in a crisis with nature that surrounds us. Nature is single and integrated while we are egoists, detached from one another and divided, and so we are opposite from nature.
This leads to a crisis in many aspects of life including the ecology and society. Nature might just omit us out of its system if we don’t reach a state of balance with it. The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us about it in a much simpler way. Love thy friend as thyself is the main law of nature, and it is even simpler to yearn for unity. This is what we explain to people.

Caesarean Section Or Natural Childbirth?

Laitman_631_5Question: Is there a difference between children who come into the world through Caesarean section and children who are born through natural childbirth?
Answer: A Caesarean section is very damaging; it is desirable to use it as little as possible and only when necessary. Birth is a serious process that a newborn goes through, a dangerous process that is accompanied by much stress, which is very necessary. In natural birth the newborn receives a kind of special immunization which he is deprived if a Caesarean section is done.
There are situations in which it is necessary to perform a Caesarean section, but in general it is certainly desirable to have a regular birth.
Comment: But now many women have Caesarean sections.
Answer: I would not recommend this. For the sake of the child it is necessary to give birth naturally, to go through the preliminary preparation, light exercise, etc. It is too bad we don’t have midwives as we once did.
It is possible to facilitate birth through massage of the birth canal, and then women would give birth without problems. In our day we rely more on drugs so this is impossible.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/24/16

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